Statement of Purpose

RS 13564C1

This legislation will result in statewide recognition for extraordinary acts of valor and heroism by firefighters and police. There is presently no statewide award for this purpose. This legislation establishes a Commission to consider nominations for the “Idaho Law Enforcement and Firefighting Medal of Honor,” and directs that the medals are presented by the Governor at an annual ceremony. This award may be given posthumously. This award is an appropriate means of recognizing that Idaho’s firefighters and police every day face the possibility of serious injury or death in the performance of their duties, and assures that their sacrifices are recognized, and their bravery honored, by the state whose citizens they protect.

RS 14844

This bill makes emergency medical service providers eligible for the Idaho Law Enforcement and Firefighting Medal of Honor. Emergency medical service providers make a significant contribution to their communities and take many risks in the line of duty. Adding them to the Idaho Law Enforcement and Firefighting Medal of Honor will acknowledge the contributions of these dedicated individuals.