2005 Medal of Honor Recipients

In recognition for extraordinary acts of valor and heroism, the Idaho Law Enforcement, Firefighting and EMS Medal of Honor is awarded to law enforcement officers, firefighters and EMTs who have been distinguished by exceptionally meritorious conduct, assuring that the sacrifices of these professionals are recognized and their bravery honored by the state whose citizens they protect.

On May 13, 2005, Linda Huff was recognized for her valor and heroism.

Trooper Linda Huff

Trooper Linda Huff
Idaho State Police

Shortly after 2300 hours on June 17, 1998, Idaho State Police Trooper Linda Huff arrived at Idaho State Police District I Headquarters in Coeur d’Alene. After completing some paperwork, she exited the building and encountered Scott Yager, who had come to State Police Headquarters for the purpose of murdering a police officer. After Yager fired his weapon at Trooper Huff, a gun battle ensued in which Trooper Huff was wounded numerous times in her lower body. Despite her wounds, Trooper Huff drew her pistol and returned fire, emptying her magazine and wounding Yager. Read more >>>